My seasonal Puglia gift basket to the rest of the world

I hadn’t in mind to write a post about a tipical Puglia Christmas gift untill I read this post A “Gift” from the Italy Blogging Roundtable: Join us! on The post is a public invitation to all the bloggers to write a post on the topic of gifts / presents / regali, not limited to just Christmas gifts. The promoters of this initiative wrote as following:

We’d love to hear your take on the subject of gifts/presents/regali as it relates to Italy

It was the perfect input for me to write my post for this online initiative which is called Italy Blogging Roundtable: “My seasonal Puglia gift basket to the rest of the world”. My gift is the one on the previous picture, a gift basket prepared in about 20 minutes. I imagined that I had no time to think about it, let’s say that it was a last minute gift. So, I prepared it with some of the seasonal products and fruits I usually get from my garden and some traditional other products you can find only here in Salento, south of Puglia. The result is what I call a seasonal gift basket made by 9 products to start discovering my region with a special focus on its great culinary culture and tradition. Here’s what you will find in this homemade gift basket.

1. Wine bottle
A white wine made by my father. It’s a blend of several white local grapes which we cultivate in a small piece of land in the Negroamaro wine region.

2. Quarta coffe
A pack of Quarta coffe, a coffe roasting of Lecce. In my opinion, Quarta is the best coffe of this part of Puglia. You have to know that almost each big italian city has its local coffe roasting, so you will not find the same coffe in Naples or Rome, for example. You will enjoy this aspect of Italy a lot! Make this coffe with a moka, it’s perfect.

3. Mandarines
Some mandarines of the tree I have in my garden: now it is their season.

4. Dried figs
We make these dried figs in summer, we leave them under the sun, then we put an almond inside and bake them: delicious!

5. Honeydew melon
One honeydew melon that we pick in summer and save for the winter.

6. Oranges
Some oranges of the trees of a friend of mine: it is their season too.

7. Marmalade
A jam pot of marmalade made by my mother.

8. Dried beans
Perfect to make a beans puree with green vegetables, a tipical Puglia recipe.

9. Puglia & Basilicata’s Lonely Planet giude
One of the best available in english travel guide to discover my region.

The beauty of this gift basket is its seasonal and homemade side. Can you imagine how it could be in winter and in summer with other fresh fruits and more products? In addition, it is a slow life gift, very good to taste and environmental friendly thanks to its essence: to be local. Will you like a gift basket like this? Let me know!

To follow the initiative Italy Blogging Roundtable you have to follow Alexandra of ArtTrav, Gloria of At Home in Tuscany, Rebecca of Brigolante, Melanie of Italofile and Jessica of WhyGo Italy. This Puglia gift basket idea is especially for them!

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