Our agency ThePuglia Immobiliare SRL is registered to the Fiaip (Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali – Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents), the biggest trade association in Italy about our line of business: real estate intermediation. The 17th November was its 40th birthday and was celebrated in Rome at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts (see opening post photo). Together with some collegues of the Collegio Provinciale of Lecce, I was present at the event that had an initial celebrative part with institutional welcomes and a more festive part with a banquet, music and performances. And I then went back to Puglia with some considerations and emotions that I would like to summarize briefly here, fresh from landing at the Brindisi airport: the 3 things I have learnt in these five years of work and membership of FIAIP.


1) Building relationships is fundamental
FIAIP gave me the way to get to know a whole lot of collegue and operators in the real estate sector in my territory which is Salento. In these years I have got to know tens of collegues with which, in some cases, I have developed reciprocal trust relationships. And I think all this is fundamental. Why? Because together we can build a network that is the added value of our profession.

2) Confronting oneself with collegues is constructive
FIAIP gave me the possibility (see point 1) to confront myself with collegues. In these years we have had tens of meetings both provincial and regional in which we have discussed, animatedly even sometimes, about our work, the crisis of the market, future outlooks of what might happen in light of the socio-economical changes that are changing our context of reference day by day. And I think all this is constructive. Why? Because from confrontation, if one can see the positive side, one cannot but improve.

3) Being continuously informed is important
FIAIP gave me the opportunity to keep informed. Technology besides socio-economical changes (see point 2) pushes us into a more mutating and competitive world where one must always have updated information in order to make business decisions. The Centro Studi FIAIP newsletter in collaboration with the Gruppo24Ore, for example, is an updating instrument of great interest. And I think all this is important. Why? Because information keeps us in line with the times.

Ok, we didn’t just do relationships, confrontation and information only with FIAIP, on the contrary: we have tens of other sources with which we interface daily and from which we learn (this blog to begin with). But FIAIP is without doubt among the most fundamental, constructive and important ones! Now let’s pass on to lighter things (that are also the essential ones after all) and I’ll leave you with a whole load of photos of the two days spent in FIAIP and it’s 40 years of age!


The charity banquet for the collegues hit by the earthquake.


The banquet hall.


My travel collegues: in the first photo we are with the national president Paolo Righi; in the next photo you can see Agata in a tavern in which we had lunch and that I take advantage to signal it out to you (“Trattoria da Gigi ar Vaticano”).


~ waiting for the cab ~ @waldorfastoria @romecavalieri #rome

Una foto pubblicata da fabio ingrosso (@fabioingrosso) in data:


Don’t take any notice of the last photo, I wasn’t supposed to be in it …