11 12, 2022

5 travelers priorities in the Expedia travel report

2022-12-11T18:14:40+00:00December 11, 2022|Corporate news|0 Comments

The winter period is for me a period of study and planning. An Expedia report “Travelers Priorities Index 2023”, has given me several insights into our world of travel and holidays in Puglia. In particular, on our way of working as a property manager in the field of the vacation rentals. Expedia Group is one of the largest travel platforms in the world which includes, in addition to the Expedia site itself, also Hotels.com and [...]

21 11, 2021

The short-term rentals database and accommodation businesses

2021-11-21T14:42:45+00:00November 21, 2021|Corporate news|0 Comments

A very important news in our vacation rental industry: the database of accommodation businesses and properties intended for short-term rentals (which from now on I will call the short-term rental database). Legislative references The legislative references are as follows: Article 13-quater of the decree-law of 30 April 2019, n. 34 converted with amendments by the law of 28 June 2019, n. 58 and the ministerial decree prot. 1782 of 29 September 2021, containing the methods [...]

7 02, 2021

#insidethepuglia 01

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The cold has arrived, so to speak obviously, but still the temperature has dropped. Except then to see the sirocco wind return again, that of Africa. The beautiful part of my job as a property manager in Puglia is this: between one appointment and another, you can find the time (you must find it) to give your gaze to the sea. […]

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