When we talk about the beautiful beaches in Salento, we can’t not speak of the beautiful white sand beaches of Gallipoli. Here lies the most famous beach of the whole of Salento: the Baia Verde beach. In the last few years, Baia Verde has become the most requested beach in Italy above all by young people that come here in thousands to spend their holidays in Salento. Gallipoli is an unavoidable destination of you trip to Salento and without doubt the Baia Verde beach must be visited at all costs.

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Baia Verde is south of Gallipoli. The beach begins where the Gallipoli stadium is and the Gondar Park which is a structure that hosts very big events during the Salento summer. From here, the beach continues without interruption for about 4 km towards Punta Pizzo and Marina di Mancaversa. The coast changes near the Sirene Ecoresort towards south where there are low rocks mixed with sand that create some real natural paradise corners of the sea (whoever has been there knows what I’m talking about …). It’s not such a big sandy coast like all the sandy coasts in Salento. Along all the Baia Verde there are dunes of various sizes and vegetation with Mediterranean Maquis. Baia Verde finishes where the Coastal Regional Natural Park of Punta Pizzo and Isola di Sant’Andrea begins. The sea in Baia Verde is pure cristal comparable to the one in Torre Lapillo: transparent and shallow water for various metres from the shore make this Carabean like piece of Salento adapt for families with young children.


Like all beautiful things, the Baia Verde beach is very requested. This means it is also very… popular. If you are looking for fun and nightlife this is the right place to be. Along most of the bay a great nightlife has developed that is particularly appreciated by young people that come from all of Italy for the music, the aperitifs and parties on the beach. In recent years the flow of young people coming from the rest of Europe is increasing placing Gallipoli and Salento among the most important clubbing destinations in the continent. Some of the best clubs and spaces for music of all Salento are here in this area: from the Samsara Beach to the above mentioned Gondar Park, to the Lido Zen and the Zeus Beach to the Cave Discoteque. I usually pass by there in September or October and it’s just magical. I will show you a photo reportage of this period.


The Baia Verde beach is easy to get to. When you arrive in Lecce, take the SS101 motorway that connects Lecce to Gallipoli. The road is very comfortable and in about half an hour it will get you to Gallipoli. Baia Verde is immediately south of Gallipoli therefore you will not enter the centre of the city but you will continue for about 1 kilometre towards south on the SS274: here you will find indications for the Baia Verde exit. In the whole inland area of the bay a small eponymous centre has developed in the course of the last few years with holiday homes and small villas and a number of accomodating facilities immersed in the countryside with olive groves: agritourism, historical “masserie” and B&Bs that offer dwellings both in rooms and flats.


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All the previous photos are of the Samsara Beach taken from the Samsarabeach Instagram account except the the last one by Francesco Genchi. I thank them very much publicly for having helped me in the writing of this article about the beautiful Baia Verde beach in Gallipoli.