10 04, 2023

Villa Palma, villa with pool near the sea in Puglia

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There are villas and villas, and then there is Villa Palma: a beautiful villa with swimming pool in Salento, a few steps from the beach of Torre Lapillo in Porto Cesareo. We have been working in this area for several years and we can guarantee that it is not easy to find villas with swimming pools in this area of ​​Puglia. On the construction of Villa Palma, we worked carefully with the owners, accompanying them [...]

11 12, 2022

5 travelers priorities in the Expedia travel report

2022-12-11T18:14:40+00:00December 11, 2022|Corporate news|0 Comments

The winter period is for me a period of study and planning. An Expedia report “Travelers Priorities Index 2023”, has given me several insights into our world of travel and holidays in Puglia. In particular, on our way of working as a property manager in the field of the vacation rentals. Expedia Group is one of the largest travel platforms in the world which includes, in addition to the Expedia site itself, also Hotels.com and [...]

19 02, 2022

Torre Lapillo beach, the most beautiful in Salento?

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The most beautiful beach in Salento, Puglia? The rankings on beauties, you know, leave the time they find. In Salento, you will find dozens of beautiful beaches, believe me. It is only about personal tastes, we always talk about beautiful things. But, Torre Lapillo has something that other beaches don’t have. In this post I introduce you to Torre Lapillo beach in all its features. […]

21 11, 2021

The short-term rentals database and accommodation businesses

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A very important news in our vacation rental industry: the database of accommodation businesses and properties intended for short-term rentals (which from now on I will call the short-term rental database). Legislative references The legislative references are as follows: Article 13-quater of the decree-law of 30 April 2019, n. 34 converted with amendments by the law of 28 June 2019, n. 58 and the ministerial decree prot. 1782 of 29 September 2021, containing the methods [...]

27 03, 2021

New flights to Brindisi and Bari for Ryanair

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. Ryanair has increased the number of flights to and from Puglia (flights to Brindisi, flights from Brindisi, flights to Bari, flights from Bari) for what is its largest summer program in Puglia. An additional based aircraft, 61 routes in total and 10 new routes from Bari and Brindisi for the summer! If you are looking for a flight for your holidays in Puglia, start with Ryanair: I did an online search and it is [...]

11 02, 2021

The best villas for rent in Torre Lapillo and Porto Cesareo

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On vacation, yes you know: you want the best! And it is with this in mind that I write this article. Are you looking for villas for rent in Torre Lapillo, close to the beautiful beaches of Torre Lapillo and Porto Cesareo in Puglia? Here is a selection of top villas and holiday homes, ideal because they are close to the sea and equipped with all the features for a relaxing holiday. The selection below [...]

7 02, 2021

#insidethepuglia 01

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The cold has arrived, so to speak obviously, but still the temperature has dropped. Except then to see the sirocco wind return again, that of Africa. The beautiful part of my job as a property manager in Puglia is this: between one appointment and another, you can find the time (you must find it) to give your gaze to the sea. […]

7 02, 2021

How to get the CIS – Structure Identification Code in Puglia

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In order to rent a property for vacation use in Puglia, it is mandatory to indicate and publish the Structure Identification Code (CIS – Codice Identificativo di Struttura). Also for non-hotel accommodation facilities such as vacation rentals (short rentals). In this article we will see what CIS is, how it is attributed and the penalties for misuse or non-use. […]

20 11, 2019

Real estate agencies in Puglia: ThePuglia Immobiliare in Porto Cesareo

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In this post, I offer you a brief description of our real estate agency and the new office in Torre Lapillo beach. We’ve been working in Puglia now for several years, specifically in the area of Porto Cesareo in Lecce province, Salento. We carry out many real estate appraisals and home staging projects in this part of Puglia and finally decided to devote some time to improving our workspace and giving it a new look! [...]

24 02, 2019

How to make the orecchiette with turnip tops from Puglia

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Who comes to Puglia must eat the orecchiette with turnip tops, in Winter when it’s possible to find them in plenty everywhere. It’s easy to find peddlers who sell fresh turnip tops just picked from the field! The orecchiette with turnip tops compete for primacy with the fava beans puree within the pugliese cooking. I am going to introduce you my personal orecchiette with turnip tops recipe, from the South of the Puglia, where I [...]

25 11, 2018

The best beaches for kids in Puglia

2018-11-25T17:11:38+00:00November 25, 2018|Puglia, Travel tips, What to see|4 Comments

When you are going on holiday to the seaside with your children the first question to ask is: what beaches are ok for our children? I have written this post for those families that want to come to Salento on holiday in Puglia or that have already booked one. Before giving you the list of beaches that are adapt for your family, let’s see what are the characteristics a beach has to have for your [...]

18 11, 2018

10 Puglia dishes that you cannot miss

2018-11-18T13:19:45+00:00November 18, 2018|Food & Wine, Puglia, Salento|1 Comment

This post is a contribution from Made in Masseria and it’s all about Puglia dishes. Puglia is a region full of marvellous landscapes, breathtaking coastlines and beaches, centuries old olive tree forests and traditions that have roots in the most ancient of times. For years the region has become a desired destination for tourist all over the world. A region famous not only for its beautiful landscape but also and especially for the typical products [...]

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