In order to rent a property for vacation use in Puglia, it is mandatory to indicate and publish the Structure Identification Code (CIS – Codice Identificativo di Struttura). Also for non-hotel accommodation facilities such as vacation rentals (short rentals). In this article we will see what CIS is, how it is attributed and the penalties for misuse or non-use.

What is the CIS – Codice Identificativo di Struttura

The CIS is a simple code consisting of 19 alphanumeric characters. Regional Law 57/2018 obliges all recipients to report the CIS in all writings or printed matter or digital media used for the purpose of advertising, promotion or marketing of the accommodation offer.

Even those who carry out real estate brokerage activities, as well as those who manage telematic portals, and who advertise, promote or market the activities of the recipients must publish the CIS on the tools used.

To get an idea, here are some examples of what CIS looks like in an online ad. Example of what it looks like on, it says Numero di licenza (License Number)

Same on Airbnb, always License number

Each portal has its own location for the CIS, in any case: on all ads it is mandatory to publish the CIS of the property to be rented.

How the CIS is attributed

Basically, the Puglia Region has established the regional register of non-hotel accommodation facilities. The owner is required to register the property to be leased for tourist use within the DMS of the Puglia Region: DMS – Digital Management System.

To start, watch this useful video made by the Puglia Region Tourism Section (only italian language, anyway hope it can be understandable for you).

To start the procedure for registering in the Register and obtaining the CIS, the user must access the Puglia Region DMS through the SPID system – level 2. Click on “Access the reserved area“.

Within the reserved area, the user must click on “Add vacation rental” and fill in the required fields (owner data and property data: name, address, property registry data – Catasto, data on the offer of rooms and beds, any forms of accessibility, opening and closing periods of the current year).

After clicking on “Submit Registration”, the tourist rental is registered in the DMS. Upon completion, the system assigns the CIS. The business is also included in the Regional Register of non-hotel accommodation facilities.

You will receive an email with two pdf files, one summarizing the registration to the system of the Puglia Region and another with a sort of tag to advertise, like this one below.

For further information on SPID, what it is and how to obtain it, I refer you to the end of this article in the paragraph “links to further information”.

The sanctions

The CIS, therefore, is very important: without it it will not be possible to publish online ads on the various vacation rental portals, on OTAs and on the sites of real estate agencies that, like ours, deal with the management of holiday homes and villas in Puglia.

Non-hotel accommodation facilities that do not comply correctly or that violate the obligation to report the CIS or that report it incorrectly or misleadingly are subject to a fine ranging from € 500.00 to € 3,000.00 for each advertised, promoted or marketed.

Subjects who carry out real estate brokerage activities, as well as those who manage telematic portals and who advertise, promote or market the activities of non-hotel accommodation facilities and landlords, publish the CIS on the tools used.

Without prejudice to the application of the criminal or administrative sanctions provided for by other legal provisions, subjects who do not correctly comply with the aforementioned obligation, or who contravene the obligation to publish the CIS or who report it in an incorrect or deceptive manner, are subject to pecuniary sanction from € 250.00 to € 1,500.00 for each activity advertised, promoted or marketed.

Links to further information

A link to learn step by step how to get the CIS is that of, the tourist information portal of the community of Morciano di Leuca, Barbarano del Capo, Torre Vado and neighboring countries of Salento in Puglia.

An excellent, comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide. Another link is that of the Puglia Region FAQ on the Structure Identification Code (CIS).

By following all these steps, it will be easy to fulfill the obligation to obtain the CIS. If you need, feel free to ask in the comments.