The most beautiful beach in Salento, Puglia? The rankings on beauties, you know, leave the time they find. In Salento, you will find dozens of beautiful beaches, believe me. It is only about personal tastes, we always talk about beautiful things. But, Torre Lapillo has something that other beaches don’t have. In this post I introduce you to Torre Lapillo beach in all its features.

You will discover what Torre Lapillo beach is like, where it is exactly in Salento, where to go for the beautiful free beach and for the best equipped beaches. All accompanied by some of my pictures taken in the low season: having the good fortune of living here, I can enjoy lonely beaches in Salento, just the ones you see in the postcard, yes!

Torre Lapillo beach, how is the beach?

In this article I publish some of my photographs which I consider to be among the most significant that I have ever taken on the beach of Torre Lapillo. The period in which they were made is mostly in May, a wonderful part of the year: we leave spring and go towards summer, temperatures begin to rise and very few people around.

A fine white beach, nothing to say. The photographs speak for themselves, I’d like to know your opinion. Have you ever been to such beaches? You can make your own comparisons in the comments, I’m curious!

And then, the sea. Crystalline, transparent and shallow for several meters from the shore. What else can I say?

Torre Lapillo beach, where is it located?

Torre Lapillo beach is located along the Ionian coast of Salento. For our other suggested beaches, go here to discover the 8 beautiful beaches of the Ionian Salento in Puglia.

We are therefore on the Ionian sea, the west coast of Salento. Torre Lapillo is one of the marinas of Porto Cesareo, just north of Gallipoli.

Very little distance from Lecce, about 35 kilometers. Also close to the Salento Airport in Brindisi and other beautiful beaches in the area such as Punta Prosciutto, Torre Colimena, San Pietro in Bevagna.

Beach: free or equipped?

Torre Lapillo is a bay about four kilometers long, almost completely sandy except in the part immediately behind the coastal tower of the same name.

The free beach is interspersed with the equipped beach. As far as the inhabited center is, it is all free beach. Where the first dunes and villas begin, however, the equipped beaches begin. From Lido Max and Lido La Pineta down towards Lido Bacino Grande and then Lido Belvedere and the last ones gradually.

The equipped beaches offer all basic services such as sun umbrella and deckchair rental, bar, cafeteria, snack bar, some even a seaside restaurant, parking, … Click below for the complete list of Torre Lapillo equipped beaches.

In Torre Lapillo, therefore, you will find the type of beach for your needs: free beach if you want to do it yourself, equipped beach if you want to use the services. Note: in high season, the free beach is obviously full of people …

How about a holiday in Torre Lapillo?

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