Torre Lapillo beach

Torre Lapillo is a locality of Porto Cesareo, an ideal location in Puglia for spending your holidays by the sea. The area is characterized by miles of beaches with fine white sand and its inhabited center close to the beaches. An ideal destination for families with children because the beach is both equipped and free and the height of the sea water is a few tens of centimeters up to several meters from the coast line. Plan your vacation, read this mini guide on Torre Lapillo.

How to get to Torre Lapillo

To get to Torre Lapillo, you must take Porto Cesareo direction, the most important center in the area, as a reference. Porto Cesareo is connected with Lecce by bus thanks to the Salento in Bus service (active only in the summer period) and to the lines of the Consorzio Trasporti Imprese Pugliesi – COTRAP. For those coming by car, we suggest reading this article How to reach Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo by car. It is not possible to reach Torre Lapillo by train because there is no train station. For those coming by plane, the closest airport is the Salento Airport in Brindisi.

Distances (taken from Google Map, referring to the shortest route)
Lecce – 32 km | Gallipoli – 36.6 km (coastal road) – 39 km (internal road) | Brindisi – 50 km | Otranto – 68.5 km | Ostuni, 64.8 km | Santa Maria di Leuca – 78.6 km | Alberobello – 86.8 km

Beaches & Bathing establishments

Complete list of Torre Lapillo beach bathing establishments. The beaches of Torre Lapillo are the most important in the area. The beaches begin in the immediate vicinity of the coastal tower and continue for kilometers southwards to Torre Chianca forming the wonderful Bay of Torre Lapillo (Torre Lapillo – Belvedere – Torre Chianca). Then, they join the beaches of Porto Cesareo immediately after Torre Chianca. The beaches of Torre Lapillo are partly in the center of the town and partly with dunes and Mediterranean scrub further south.

Where to sleep in Torre Lapillo

The peculiarity of Torre Lapillo is that it has houses and villas close to the beach that can be easily reached on foot. ThePuglia Immobiliare manages dozens of holiday homes and private villas, if you like this solution for your holiday, contact us or browse our selection of properties for rent in Torre Lapillo. In recent years, numerous b&bs have been created in Torre Lapillo which have significantly expanded the range of beds. If you prefer this accommodation option, you only have to choose from dozens of b&bs: a complete list of Torre Lapillo b&bs.

Food and drink at the beach

Torre Lapillo does not have many places where to eat, generally we refer to Porto Cesareo for catering and gastronomy. In Torre Lapillo you will find only a few pizzerias and fast food places, rotisseries and a few restaurants on the sea. It is an excellent location for holidays by the sea and for beach life, to eat well we suggest you take a trip to Porto Cesareo which is just 5 km away. The typical cuisine is based on fish, if you like to discover the cuisine of the peasant hinterland of Salento, a few kilometers from Porto Cesareo you will find the first farms among the olive trees and farmhouses that prepare their dishes with fresh products.

What to see in Torre Lapillo

In addition to the beaches, you may be interested in seeing the following attractions: Torre Lapillo (Tower of San Tommaso), one of the largest in the area, now home to the Environmental Tourist Visitor Center.