Yes, good news for my beach in Puglia, Torre Lapillo Bay beach in Porto Cesareo. While reading The Guardian I came across an article with a fascinating title: 10 of the best beaches … that you’ve probably never heard of. The title intrigued me and I began reading. So, to my great joy, among an Australian and a Thai beach, a Brazilian one and a beach in Florida, I found my Torre Lapillo Bay! The beach is located in Puglia, in southern Italy, in an area called Salento. For Italians the word Salento means so many beautiful things, including beautiful white beaches where everyone goes for holiday. For foreigners, it’s still a little-known region and indeed The Guardian is completely right in including one of its beaches among the most beautiful unknown beaches in the world. Torre Lapillo Bay is a beach in the Porto Cesareo area, which I already mentioned in this blog, together with Punta Prosciutto beach. Read my article 3 must-see beaches in Puglia, Salento. Here are 10 of the best beaches of the world …

Torre Lapillo Bay, Puglia (Italy)


Vault Beach, Cornwall (UK)


Praia do Rosa (Brazil)

Playa del Silencio, Costa Verde (Spain)

Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park (Australia)


Shelly Beach, Kenton-on-Sea (South Africa)


St Lucie Inlet, Florida (US)

Banana Beach, Phuket (Thailand)


Redi, Maharashtra (India)

Winnifred Beach, Portland (Jamaica)


Vault Beach picture by Malcolm Etherington
Memory Cove picture by John White
Shelly Beach picture by Peter A Levey
Banana Beach picture by Rolf, follow him on snapschuss.com too