Looking for a place to eat in Torre Lapillo? Fish? Go to Pescheria 3.0, on the main street of Torre Lapillo just fifty meters from the office of our agency. A very beautiful place where you can buy fish to cook at home (perfect for barbecue lovers and we know there are many!) Or eat it directly at the shop: choose the one you like and get it cooked for you.


At Pescheria 3.0 you will find many local fish like redfish, mullet, and rock fish. But even more, cast your eye on the counter to see what we are talking about. To eat here you choose between fried fish, baked fish, grilled fish, but also fish soups. You book, you choose and can eat outside seated on tables made from wine barrels, or you can take to your holiday home.





Pescheria 3.0 is a place opened just four years ago and already appreciated in Salento (even if the fishmonger is orginially from 1986). A place from which we going to have, from time to time, some seafood appetizers, spectacular appetizers like the ones you see in the photographs in this post: fried, grilled squid or cuttlefish accompanied by a good bottle of local rose wine (yes, there is also wine at the shop!). If you are in Torre Lapillo this is a must.