In October I enjoy my Salento sea completely. It’s a period in which we work less here at the beaches, schools have started again, working life also after the summer holidays. But for those of us who live in Salento, some weekends can be really incredible! Yes, because even if October is a month that belongs to Autumn in some places in the world it seems more like a temperate summer. So, a friend of mine calls me to say: “Shall we go round the Salento coast on a motorbike this Sunday?”. Without thinking twice I said: “Yes”. And this is where our tour begins and that I will show you through some photos and videos in name of the good Salento life! With some tips on what to see on the coast.


Our bike is this, a BMW G 650X country. We leave with the intention of arriving in Gallipoli at lunch time and more or less we manage to. But first we stop a bit near the Montagna Spaccata just before the beach of Lido Conchiglie. The day is warm, we have about 27/28 degrees C.


At Gallipoli we decide to pause for a quick lunch with a “Leccese rustico”, the typical Salento street food dish. In the Gallipoli town centre there are many tourists, small restaurants and little taverns, but there are also sea urchins. And these is what we are interested in. At the marina there are some fishermen that sell them in great quantity, here we buy a jar of sea urchins, the last available because it is late. A jar of sea urchins in Gallipoli usually costs about 15,00 € and there should be about 30 of them, so the fisherman guarantees. We take one that costs us 10,00 € because it is filled with the last sea urchins.


We must continue, our trip foresees getting to Santa Maria di Leuca through the Ionian coastal road and go back up the Adriatic side to Otranto. We continue our trip and pass near Punta della Suina and we can’t not stop to admire such a spectacular view.


The previous images were taken from the inside of Lido Punta della Suina where we have a coffee and inevitably stop to sun bathe a bit! Considering that half way through October it is enchanting: beach, sea, sun, heat, sailing boats and yatches on the sea and a view in the distance of the whole of Baia Verde up to the centre of Gallipoli. A sudden pressing will to stay there takes over us and spend the rest of the day on the beach, but then we take courage and continue our motorbike hike. We get to Santa Maria di Leuca half way through the afternoon and as usual, every time we come here, we fully perceive the concept of finibus terrae: beyond Leuca there is only sea, nothing else.


The day is so beautiful that there are people everywhere in the streets. If you find yourselves in Leuca you must stop at Martinucci’s to eat one of their excellent ice creams. The Basilica Santuario Santa Maria De Finibus Terrae is illuminated by a splendid sun just like the lighthouse.


After Leuca, we head north on the Adriatic side and from the very first kilometres we begin to live that unique experience that is the coastal road from Santa Maria di Leuca to Otranto: a coastal road from which you can see some of the most beautiful views of the whole of the south of Italy. An excellent road for motorcyclists (I am not a motorcyclist), surely for cyclists (I partly am). Tricase Porto, Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme, Porto Badisco and then Otranto: all fantastic.


It’s dark by now, it’s time to head home. Here we will eat sea urchin spaghetti, but this is another story!