If you are booking a holiday home in one of Puglia’s localities, it is better to know beforehand where to rent in order to avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival. In this article, I will suggest where to rent your holiday home in Torre Lapillo, one of the most beautiful beaches in Salento, which is located in Porto Cesareo. Would you like to stay close to the white beach? Would you like the main amenities to be close by? Do you prefer getting around by foot during your seaside holidays? Or, could you consider the possibility of renting a car to reach the various points of interest of the area?

To find out more and to read my guide to Torre Lapillo, click here: Torre Lapillo in Salento – all you need to know. It is a guide that will indicate the best beaches, the amenities of the seaside localities, where to stay (hotels, B&Bs, camp sites and holiday rental homes), where to eat, and what to visit in the surrounding areas. Read it: it is a great starting point for getting to know the destination.

Another of my articles that you should definitely read to understand our area is the following: Where can I find the beaches of Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo or Punta Prosciutto? It is an article that shows the locations of the sandy beaches on a map. The comments left on this article inspired me with the idea of writing another article about where to rent a holiday home in Torre Lapillo.

Where are the sandy beaches of Torre Lapillo located?

Torre Lapillo is a bay of 4km in length and 90% of it consists of fine, white sand. You will only find low cliffs in the immediate vicinity of the homonymous coastal tower that stands out along the northern part of the Bay: a beautiful tower that can be seen from every corner of the bay. On the map above, I have marked some zones of Torre Lapillo in colour.

1) The central zone of Torre Lapillo

The area coloured yellow is the central zone of Torre Lapillo. Here you will find all the main amenities, which are reachable by foot from all points: supermarkets, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, pizzerias, shops. The main street is pedestrianised during summer evenings. In this area, the houses are generally one- or two-room: one or two bedrooms, a living room with kitchen corner or separate small kitchen, bathroom, small external space or veranda. The beach is sandy and can easily be reached by foot. In this area there are no lidos, just a free beach. The houses have been built directly on the sand and some of them are right on the seafront.

2) The lido zone of Torre Lapillo

This is the red coloured area – we are moving in the direction of Porto Cesareo. This area is characterised by a different kind of property: villas. In general, here the houses are larger and offer more external spaces, which in some houses are true gardens. The lido zone is divided in two from Via Torre, the street that leads from Torre Lapillo to Porto Cesareo. On the sea side, the houses are fewer in number compared to the opposite side. With regards to amenities, here you will find fewer than in the centre: there is a small supermarket and a few restaurants, but the rest of the area is residential housing. This zone is perfect for those who want a holiday home – equipped beach. Indeed, here you will find all the equipped lidos of Torre Lapillo, from Lido Max and Lido La Pineta to Lido Bacino Grande.

3) The zone of the tower of Torre Lapillo

On the map above, you will find it marked in green. This is the area immediately before the coastal tower of Torre Lapillo. In this part of the town there is no sand, but low cliffs (there are, however, still some small beaches). The dwellings are mainly apartments and small villas. This is an excellent solution for those wanting to rent a home in a quieter area compared to the central or lido zones. By foot, you can reach the centre and its amenities from this zone in just a few minutes.

4) The residential zone of Torre Lapillo

I have called it ‘residential’ to distinguish it from the others. Essentially, in terms of property types, it is similar to the lido zone: villas with external space and gardens, and the possibility of parking even during the busiest time of the year, in August. It is perfect for those who want to rent a holiday home close to the centre of Torre Lapillo and have more space available. The main amenities are in the centre, reachable in just a few minutes.

5) The zone of Villaggio Boncore

It is called Villaggio Boncore, but don’t let the name deceive you: it is not a touristic village but rather a small urban settlement at the entrance of Torre Lapillo. Formally, it is not a municipality of Porto Cesareo but of Nardò. Nevertheless, it is joined to Torre Lapillo and thus considered a true zone of Torre Lapillo. It is a village that offers all the main amenities: supermarket, bar, a few restaurants and pizzeria. In Boncore, you will find holiday homes and villas that have recently been built in the whole zone (from the 1990s and 2000s, some just finished). This is an area that is perfect for those looking for quality accommodation that has recently been built, and for those who intend to spend their holiday discovering the beautiful localities of this part of Salento. Indeed, from Boncore it is easy to reach all of the beaches of the area, from Punto Prosciutto to Torre Lapillo, from Torre Castiglione to Porto Cesareo, being located immediately before the main Nardò – Avetrana artery.

Where to rent my holiday home in Torre Lapillo?

Now that you understand the situation more clearly, where should you rent your holiday home in Torre Lapillo? The first suggestion is this: contact us directly so that we can explain to you in person the best solution for your requirements. Our telephone number is +39.392.6216450, or you can send an email to info @ stayciao.com, or leave a comment below: we will contact you as soon as possible. Our agency is located right in Torre Lapillo and we manage dozens of apartments and villas in each of the five zones described above: from the centre to the lidos, from the residential zones to Boncore, we can offer you a vast range of well-furnished accommodation options for your holiday. We also have a website dedicated to holiday homes, where you can carry out a search in real time: click on www.pugliacasevacanze.it.