Lunch break gives me the opportunity to discover interesting places in Torre Lapillo. Today, I recommend you not a new discover but an old acquaintance: the Tribal Restaurant of my friend and neighbour Ivan. With a new interesting news: Giuseppe Terminiello its head chef.

The tribal restaurant

First things first, the restaurant is located in the heart of Torre Lapillo city centre, it’s close to Torre street, the commercial street of the city. Just around the corner of Smile Bar you’ll find it, hidden in its evident Asian style. Ivan told me that the Thai furniture was the result of his many voyages in that part of Asia called Indochina.

Wood, statues, nargile, drawings and colours pull us in a new dimension, unusual for our latitudes. The Tribal gives the opportunity to seat and eat outside but it is also a pub and a cafeteria, a perfect solution to pass a full day at the beach.

The chef

Beyond style, you’re probably wondering, how is the food here? I’ve already spoke about Giuseppe Terminiello, the head chef. A boy who comes from the Amalfi Coast, specifically from Sorrento. Here’s the best part: the “Sorrentino” head chef starts to cook non-stop his meat and fish dishes. Giuseppe, despite his young age, has already worked for prestigious restaurants like: “Napule” in Sorrento, “Cammerelle” in Capri, “Osteria dell’Orso” at Piazza Navona in Rome. From this year he works in Torre Lapillo and he provides a careful selection of products first in the local markets and then on the menu.

The cuisine

It offers a wide range of fresh vegetables, meat and fish dishes. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves to give you a preview of what you’ll find here.

Tribal Restaurant
Japanese and Thai restaurant
Via Lecce, Torre Lapillo
Tel: +39.328.8487435