With Torre Lapillo I mean also Punta prosciutto and Porto Cesareo, of course. What can we might define the Ionian Salento. I like too much September, a hot and quiet month with a dreamy sea. In September temperatures are every day between 25 – 30 C° and nights are lukewarm, so I don’t need to put on something long-sleeved during my long evening out until late at night.
It’s nice here: September in my opinion is the best month ever of the year but I’m going to explain you why. First, I want to give you some information about photos that you’ll going to see in this article. These are photos that I’ve took at the sunrise last Friday at 6.30 am, along the bay of Torre Lapillo, during a regenerate walking. Let’s start!

1) Crystal-clear water

In this period of the year the sea changes colour beside of other months, thanks by the sun that’s starting to be in a different position. It’s a touching scene when there’s the north wind (Tramontana) in fact you can compare the sea water to the transparency of a crystal, watching his charming blue, light blue and aquamarine. You can see the glare of the sun under the water. Honestly, I’ve never been in Polynesia and Caribbean seas, but we can do a comparison, the pictures speak for themselves. After all, when there’s less people fish reach the shore, so you can have the fantastic opportunity to swim with them.

2) Warm water

The water in September is hotter than the other months, I don’t know why but I’m saying this for first-hand experience. It can be that the water retain heat during the past months whereas in June is fresher because it comes from winter and spring.
It’s so hot that go swimming can be considered like a wellness therapy. Even if in the evening, thanks his heat, you’ll can do a bath in the sea: Last Friday night for example I did last bath at 19.00 pm.

3) Pleasant climate

The temperature in September is pleasant. If I check my “Travel Guide of Porto Cesareo”, in the average temperature section there’s the highest temperature of 27,5 C° and the lowest temperature of 16 C°. It means that during the day you could stay on the beach because the sun tans the skins, and the night probably, there will be days when you’ll have to put on something long-sleeved like a jacket, usually at the end of the month.
But if you happen to stay during a particularly hot year, temperatures can be also higher. Anyway, you’ll never find the 40°C of July and August and in the evening, you’ll enjoy your vacation to relax before the heat of the day, clearly with your air conditioner turned off.

4) The north wind (tramontana)

A characteristic of the month. In July and in August there’s the possibility to find the African sirocco, it means rough sea and waves while in September prevail days with the north wind and the dry wind from north-east so a quiet sea (like a lake). Definitely fantastic!

5) Place on the beach

There aren’t many people, the school is starting or has already started, employees back to work and people are busy so: during the days of the week squares metres of beach are free/unoccupied, just for you.
It means that you can appreciate the sand and the sea without annoying noises or without confront with someone else during a bath. It’s an exotic place. Equipped beaches work less than other months so disappear what our reader called “Papeete beach” (A lot of people who dancing and drinking mojito to the rhythm of the music).

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6) No traffic

This implies to avoid traffic, the queue of vehicles on the littoral or at the entrance of the city, so movements from a tourist resort to another are easy and fast, if someone wants to admire the view. It’s a good period to ride your bike and do a bicycle touring among the Mediterranean scrub. By car you will be in few minutes on the beach or among olive trees of hinterland to eat local products in a Masseria/Agriturismo.

7) Easy parking

Less people, less cars, less traffic = easy parking. You can park everywhere, you’ll ever find parking. Near beaches, near rocks or opposite the restaurant where you’ll go to eat or drink a coffee in a bar. No one will honk the corn!

8) Fresh fish

Fresh fish is easily finding both in fish market and on fishing boats that dock in Porto Cesareo afterwards the night fishing. There isn’t a big demand for fresh fish in August so it’s a lot easier to find and eat fresh fish in a restaurant or at home prepared by itself.

9) Low prices

It’s time to talk about prices, an argument of great importance. In the absence of tourist flow prices are low in every living arrangement (B&b, hotel, camping, homes holiday or villas for rent). I treat the last two solutions, for example houses are available 50 € per night for 2/4 persons but we have also cheaper alternatives for the other months.
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10) Our availability

I talk about me. If you are coming in Torre Lapillo, pass to my agency: I can give you some precious advices. See you in September!